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Tinos or “ The Island of Miracles “ is world – famous mainly for the icon of Virgin Mary. However, is its wild beauty which will overwhelm you: rocks sculpted by the wind, beaches with deep blue waters, Cycladic villages located on the slopes. On this island of Cyclades you are about to discover more than thousands of miracles. You will have the opportunity to experience secluded beaches or for the lovers of water sports, diving and windsurfing there are fully – organized spots in the seaside. You can taste amazing local delicacies while enjoying the majestic Greek sunsets.

People from all over the world make a pilgrimage here, asking from Virgin Mary to cure them or simply thanking her for answering their prayers with inspired offerings. There are 750 chapels and churches for both Orthodox and Catholic people, 600 pigeons and 34 settlements. Finally, there is the “ Sanctum of Poseidon “ where pilgrims where getting purified before passing to the Holy island of Delos.



The majestic capital of Cyclades, the cosmopolitan Syros with its town Hermoupolis. As reaching the harbor you will get impressed by the unexpected view of its hills and mansions, its lanterns and churches, as well as its arches and shops. A city found in the middle of the sea, almost mysteriously. The beaches of Syros are unique, with crystal clear waters.

You can enjoy peace and quiet in its secluded beaches or for those who love adventure there are water sports spots in the west of the island and in areas of the island that create beautiful landscapes




In the center of Cyclades Islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, is located the beautiful island of Naxos. It is the biggest and most fertile island of the Cyclades. The beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches, the intense nightlife, the local culinary delicacies, as well as the green mainland with rich vegetation make it an ideal destination. You will be enchanted by the running waters, the Byzantine churches, the Venetian towers and the beautiful Medieval Castle of the town. Taking a tour around the island of Naxos can be a pleasant surprise. You will be able to admire many archaeological sites, swim in golden beaches and be impressed by the capital of the island, “ Chora “. Above all, the first thing you will see while reaching the port is the famous “Portara”, a gigantic marble getaway into what was once a temple dedicated to Apollo.



Santorini, an island for all tastes. This island is world famous for its volcano, its unique mostly submerged caldera and the breathtaking sunsets. Its compelling landscape, interesting history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, unique architecture, delicious local products and wines, flavors and extraordinary beaches can thrill you. It is the only island that combines its wild beauty with the most romantic view.





The most beautiful sea is the one you have not yet travelled !

Located in the heart of Cyclades, there is no better place than the whitewashed island of Paros. It’s remarkable natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque fishing villages, cosmopolitan town, ancient temples and Venetian castles, as well as dozens of early Christian and Byzantine churches form the island’s history which counts more than 4000 years.

Seven minutes from Paros by boat, there is the island of Antiparos where you can see the most significant Cave of Antiparos.

Koufonissia and Small East Cyclades

Koufonissia is actually a complex of two islands, Epano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi which form the small East Cyclades.

Kato Koufonissi is almost uninhabited and the only building one can encounter are a few summer houses. In the small graphic port you can only see fishing boats and boats that take tourists to the fascinating beaches of the island.

Epano Koufanissi is the smallest and most densely populated island of the Cyclades. Reaching the island you can see a white windmill on the left of the harbor which seems as if it welcomes every guest. Its charming beaches and aquamarine waters invite you into their cool embrace. Most of the beaches are covered with fine golden sand while there are small pebble bays which urge you to put your mask on and explore the seabed.





Small Cyclades



Small Cyclades


Crystal clear waters, rich seabed, ultimate peaceful scenery and relaxation.


Those who visit it can enjoy a quiet way of life and unspoiled beaches.


Not so many people decide to visit this island. Whoever gets to know Donousa however, falls in love with it right away. Don’t forget to visit Fokiospilia, an underwater cave where diving is necessary.

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