I visit Mykonos island every year and I take the Delos and Rehnia boat tour every single year! I am truly excited every time I am going to visit the amazing sandy beach of Rhenia island! So I choose the best of the best!

Janet Woe - Designer Nixe Network

What a wonderful experience! we visited south coast of mykonos and plenty of cosmopolitan beaches such as Psarrou beach and kalo livadi beach. we swam and played with seabob all the time.at the end we relaxed onboard with cocktails and fruit salads!

Jane Woe - Writer

If you visit Mykonos, you have to charter a yacht and explore mykonian beauties by sea. we visited secret beaches and remarkable places and we have a really great time onboard!

William Woe - Photographer

we spend a whole day onboard with one of the yachts of MV company. really word the money!we enjoyed the boat tour and the crew was really polite and friendly! Take the tour!

Paula Poe - Musician