Tinos or “ The Island of Miracles “ is world – famous mainly for the icon of Virgin Mary. However, is its wild beauty which will overwhelm you: rocks sculpted by the wind, beaches with deep blue waters, Cycladic villages located on the slopes. On this island of Cyclades you are about to discover more than thousands of miracles. You will have the opportunity to experience secluded beaches or for the lovers of water sports, diving and windsurfing there are fully – organized spots in the seaside. You can taste amazing local delicacies while enjoying the majestic Greek sunsets.  People from all over the world make a pilgrimage here, asking from Virgin Mary to cure them or simply thanking her for answering their prayers with inspired offerings. There are 750 chapels and churches for both Orthodox and Catholic people, 600 pigeons and 34 settlements. Finally, there is the “ Sanctum of Poseidon “ where pilgrims where getting purified before passing to the Holy island of Delos.