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Santorini, an island for all tastes. This island is world famous for its volcano, its unique mostly submerged caldera and the breathtaking sunsets. Its compelling landscape, interesting history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, unique architecture, delicious local products and wines, flavors and extraordinary beaches can thrill you. It is the only island that combines its wild beauty with … Continue reading


The most beautiful sea is the one you have not yet travelled !  Located in the heart of Cyclades, there is no better place than the whitewashed island of Paros. It’s remarkable natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque fishing villages, cosmopolitan town, ancient temples and Venetian castles, as well as dozens of early … Continue reading

Small Cyclades

Iraklia Crystal clear waters, rich seabed, ultimate peaceful scenery and relaxation. Schinousa Those who visit it can enjoy a quiet way of life and unspoiled beaches. Donousa Not so many people decide to visit this island. Whoever gets to know Donousa however, falls in love with it right away. Don’t forget to visit Fokiospilia, an … Continue reading